Kasper Kiilerich

Strong and ripped
in 9 weeks

When Kasper Killerich contacted us, he was 21 years old and relatively inexperienced regarding weightlifting and dietetics. Kasper had been bulking for a year on his own, and during that period he had developed a large amount of muscle mass. Kasper wanted to start cutting (becoming ripped), and he got in touch with us in order to make sure that he got rid of the superfluous fat and kept the muscle mass.

Process and competences

Kasper trained for 16 weeks and every fourth week he started a new diet and training program. On the basis of his original diet, training program a general lifestyle, a FPT-diet (food, portion and timing) was developed. He was also given the nutritional knowledge and tools to create his own diet. In that sense, the diet was just a helping hand until he felt confident enough to design his own day-to-day diet. This is the purpose of all training programs – that our clients become their own nutritional experts and gradually learn how their bodies react to various macros such as proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Kasper’s training program focused on the big muscle groups and heavy lifting. His cardio exercise consisted almost solely of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is the preferred type of cardio when trying to lose fat. After his period of cutting Kasper was eager to start bulking again. Therefore, a new diet and training program was created which focused more on Kasper’s weak points (muscle groups that are less fit than others). However, the overall strategy was the same: heavy lifting!


Kasper followed our advice and after just 9 weeks he had lost 7,4 kilos of fat, making his body fat percentage drop from 12-11,5 to 7 percent. We are extremely proud of Kasper because he continued his new lifestyle and kept developing his physical condition by using the tools we had provided him with.




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