Your diet is vital for your health and your training results. We help you design a diet that suits you and your needs.

A diet that suits you and your needs

Your diet has major impact on your well-being and the outcome of your training. At Peter Bendtsen Fitness we know what is ideal for you to eat while following your training program.

We create a diet that provides you with the right amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates as well as the right number of calories. We also wish to ensure that you understand the composition of your diet, since that will enable you to continue your healthy lifestyle after you have completed the program. Besides nutritional knowledge we offer to do a bio-signature test of your body. This makes it possible to analyze if certain nutritional adjustments are particular important to help you in your training process.


Attention: Vouchers for training programs and nutritional counseling can be mixed in the same package.


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